My teammates don’t speak English. Can we play the game?

Of course you can. Our exit games require no language skills, so anyone can play. Even those who speak Klingon.

How many people can be on each team?

There is no minimal required number of players in a team, so if you feel like playing alone – feel free to book a game! The maximum number of people in the game depends on its complexity. Currently we allow up to 4 players per team.

Who age are the games suitable for? Can I bring my kids? Will it be too hard for them?

There are no age limits for our escape games. The recommended minimum age is 12 years, but you have the final word in this matter.

I booked the game at 12:00 am. Are there any recommendations regarding arrival time?

It is necessary to arrive in time in order to have time to prepare and receive required instructions. In case you get late for more than 10 minutes, we may not be able to let you enter the game. Try to arrive a little early to make sure you have enough time to get ready.

Is it possible to buy a gift card for any of your games?

Yes! Customizable gift cards are available. Each gift card contains a unique code that is used for verification. Recipient of the card can book a game of their choice on our website or via phone.

I am afraid I may have difficulties solving certain quests during the game. Can I still move on without solving it?

Nothing to worry, you can always take a hint during the game. Also, keep in mind that in our games it is not important to solve tasks in a particular order.

Is the price 1,200 CZK per game or per person?

The price is per game, therefore a solo player or a team of up to 4 people.

Is it necessary to have any special clothing or equipment?

No, You don’t need any of those. But it might improve your experience if you bring good attitude, logical thinking and team spirit with you!

Where can I find photos from the game?

We upload all photos on our Facebook page!.

I still have questions!

Give us a call and ask anything you want to know: +420 777 330 251