Two of the founders from our team are big fans of escape games. Before starting thinking about their own escape rooms, they’ve visited and solved every exit room in Prague. One of them even had an opportunity to visit Disneyland in Paris. To him, Disneyland was like a whole new world within France, which inspired him so much that he knew he had to build an entire new world of his own, in Czech Republic.

Right after this moment, other enthusiasts started to appear, gathered by the idea of their own exit game and so Questroom was born. None of us had any experience running a business but that certainly did not stop us as we all had the drive and the common goal of building something interesting, something new, something different than the other escape games. Each one of us played their part in the building process and everyone hat to learn something new. Our programmer learned how to cut steel, our photographer became a skilled electrician.

After six months of hard work our first room, the EXPERIMENT, was ready. We’ve invested hundreds of hours into this project and it was a lot of fun.


You most likely already know what an escape game is and what you have to do, but we will tell you what an escape game means to us. It is not just a room that has a couple puzzles which you have to solve to get out. It is much bigger than that, it is a creation of a different reality. Enter a parallel universe, where you cannot tell the difference between its reality and your own. Enter Questroom.


We would like to state that we have the best escape rooms, but let the players rate us instead.

What we can do is tell you about the points that we feel are important, that we try to be the best at.

First and foremost, we try to have fun with you. We do not consider this a work place where we go from morning till night, but more of a fun place full of excitement every single day of the week. It’s a place where we can joke, chat, share stories, celebrate, and get the work done together! What more important than that?

Of course it is not all fun and games for us, and we are working very hard in each room, each game. Every room started with just a thought, an idea. When we start working on the idea, we have no clue how the room will end up looking. A perfect balance of creativity and technology is the key to making every exit game as exciting as possible. In every phase of our room development, we work with many people, experts in their field, to make sure our idea becomes a reality.